What do you think of when you hear the word “relaxation?” Does relaxation sound like an indulgent luxury or a practice that is crucial for your well being?  Research shows that taking time to relax through simple and short practices has huge mental and physical health benefits. You may not be able to take a beach vacation, go golfing, or visit the local spa. That’s okay! Daily practices of relaxation are much more effective than taking a week-long relaxing vacation. During times of stress, it is even more critical to find moments to calm the mind and body. My counseling clients have consistently asked me about ways to relax, why they should relax, and how they can possibly find time to relax. Therefore, I wrote an article describing some of the best relaxation techniques you can use. Fortunately, these exercises do not take much time at all, do not cost a thing, and do not require any fancy equipment.

Read my article about simple relaxation tools.

Most people report feeling more relaxed after using these tools. However, we all know how difficult it can be to prioritize things that are healthy and beneficial. Therefore, I suggest finding ways to make relaxation easy, effortless, and streamlined into your day. We often expend more mental energy just thinking about doing something rather than simply doing it. We make so many decisions throughout the day that we can experience decision fatigue.  When fatigued, we don’t always make the best decisions and may avoid making any decisions at all. Consider tying your relaxation exercises to habits. For example, you could choose to practice deep breathing every time you get up from your desk to refill your water glass. Getting water then becomes associated with your relaxation exercise, and it will become easy to remember to relax. To build healthy habits on top of existing habits, consider your daily activities and begin tying relaxation exercises to some of these habits.

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