About me 


I started working on college campuses in 2003 and continue to work with college students today. I immediately recognized (and still find prevalent) many common struggles that prevented students from reaching their full potential.

Difficulties such as:
– Time-management
– Stress management
– Procrastination
– Adjustment to college
– Roommate difficulties
– Forming healthy relationships
– Choosing a major or career path
– Coping with setbacks
– Practicing healthy habits (i.e. healthy eating, exercise, and sleep).

Many students thought they had a learning disability or ADHD, so I provided a lot of testing only to find that most of these students were not dealing with a learning disability or ADHD at all—they simply lacked the life skills they needed to navigate college. Through my assessments and therapy with college students, I developed the SMAART Skills program to help students manage their time and stress, make better decisions and cultivate healthy relationships—all of which are essential to college and life success.
Sound interesting?

Click here to learn more about the SMAART Skills program.

Education and Experience

I am a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology from Baylor University. I have extensive training and experience working with college students in private practice and college counseling centers at Baylor University, Sam Houston State University, and University of California Santa Cruz.
Additionally, I taught a freshman course—Introduction to College—at Sam Houston State University that focused on helping freshman build essential academic and life skills such as time management, stress management, and decision-making skills. The goal was to increase emotional intelligence, gain coping skills, and improve mental strength.