Welcome to my collection of articles. My goal here is to educate and encourage people seeking counseling as well as to remove the stigma that prevents people from seeking professional therapy. 

You will find that I’ve written a variety of articles centered around therapy, mental health, and necessary life skills, all to help you find greater fulfillment in life.

I hope these articles help you reflect, heal, and grow.

How Can I Possibly Relax?

What do you think of when you hear the word “relaxation?” Does relaxation sound like an indulgent luxury or a practice that is crucial for your well being?  Research shows that taking time to relax through simple and short practices has huge mental and physical...
Coping during a crisis

The past month has been difficult, and it’s unclear when things will improve. Many people remember to use coping skills when life is proceeding as usual. However, these coping skills may be quickly forgotten during a crisis. The initial response to...