Are you ready for the fall semester to start? Whether you are a freshman just starting college or a junior returning after the summer break, the thought of starting a new semester may fill you with a combination of excitement, fear, hope, and dread.

New semesters are a good time to start fresh and make much-needed changes. Many students start the new semester with the best of intentions, including goals such as:

  • I will complete all my homework and reading ahead of time.
  • I will stop waiting until the night before to study for an exam.
  • I will get more sleep and stop missing classes.
  • I will bring up my GPA.

These are wonderful goals, and following them will surely lead to increased academic success for any college student. However, it is not enough to simply want the goal and to state it out loud. Many students fall short on their goals because they do not know how to achieve them. The process of goal setting, maintaining motivation, and handling setbacks involve specific knowledge and skills that are not typically taught in school. Success coaching is one way for students to develop their skills and attain the knowledge necessary for college and life success. To learn more about success coaching, please visit here.