Welcome to my collection of articles. My goal here is to educate and encourage people seeking counseling as well as to remove the stigma that prevents people from seeking professional therapy. 

You will find that I’ve written a variety of articles centered around therapy, mental health, and necessary life skills, all to help you find greater fulfillment in life.

I hope these articles help you reflect, heal, and grow.

Driven to Distraction

Our lives are full of distractions. These distractions may be internal, external, or a combination of both. External distractions include sounds, physical sensations, or sights such as seeing a person walk by. Internal distractions include various thoughts and...
Is Thanksgiving good for your mental health?

Are you ready to have Thanksgiving all year long? Try taking five minutes a day to practice gratitude. The results will be more valuable than turkey or pumpkin pie.Can you imagine having Thanksgiving all year long? Not exactly the turkey and pumpkin pie, but a spirit of gratitude. Research shows that practicing gratitude leads to increased happiness and overall wellness.

How Can Parents Help Kids Cope With School Stress?

When I work with teenagers or college students, their parents often ask me how they can help. Whether their child is dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or general stress, parents often wonder what to do and what not do. Many people recognize the importance of seeking counseling to treat depression or anxiety. However, we often forget the value of prevention and striving for good mental health. 
We take care of our physical health by going to the dentist or physician for checkups, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy.
What do you and your child do to maintain good mental health?